Reciprocity Information and Online Training

Read the Following Carefully:

The following information provides the details for peace officers currently certified in another state that are seeking certification in Nevada.  This information is also helpful for Nevada agencies that are interested in hiring certified officers from another state as it details the requirements and procedures required. Please read all the information and all the documents on this page to provide you with the details of the Reciprocity program.


The POST On-line Reciprocity Training is for peace officers ONLY who meet Nevada’s reciprocity requirements. All fees associated with taking this training program are non-refundable. Nevada POST does not receive any of the fees for taking this course. All fees go to the on-line provider.

Those who pass this training program have 24 months to gain employment as a Nevada peace officer. Once you gain employment, the hiring agency will make arrangements for you to take the State Certification Examination and submit the application to Nevada POST for your Basic Certificate. If 24 months lapse and you have not gained employment as a Nevada peace officer, the training will expire and you will be required to take the training again or attend a basic academy.

It is IMPORTANT to understand that completion of the training program and passing the written State Certification Examination is not a guarantee of your eligibility for the POST Basic Certificate. When you are hired as a Nevada peace officer, Nevada POST will verify all eligibility and confirm if all eligibility requirements have been met. If all eligibility requirements have not been met, then you will be required to attend a basic academy.

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