Basic Certification

Physical Fitness Test Score Card

Certification level must be submitted with all applications for a POST Basic Certificate. Score cards with academy entrance score standards are also available, on request. Please contact the Training Division.

Professional Development Forms

Attendance Roster

Required for classes of certified courses to be retained on file with the Course and Instructor Evaluations

Course and Instructor Evaluation

Required from each student attending certified course to be retained on file with the Attendance Roster

PPFT Administrator Course Nomination Sheet

To register for the PPFT Administrator's Course. Available date is August 12, 2021 @ 1330.

Forms for Agencies to Use

Reciprocity - Request for Verification of Certification/License

Used to confirm previous certification in reciprocity states. Completed form must be submitted with the application for POST Basic Certificate

Background Investigation - Personal History Statement

Use this form when conducting background investigations for employment of peace officers.

Reciprocity Training Program

Reserve Officer Training Program

Enrollment Packet

This is the Enrollment Packet for the Reserve Officer Training Program. Upon receipt of a completed packet the Reserve Cadet will be enrolled in the on-line portion of the program (Module I).

Re-Enrollment Form

This is the re-enrollment form for the Reserve Officer Training Program. Upon receipt of this form the Reserve Cadet will be re-enrolled in module I.