Polygraph/CVSA Resources

NRS 613.440 Definitions. As used in NRS 613.440 to 613.510, inclusive, unless the context otherwise


1. “Employer” includes any person acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer in relation to an employee or prospective employee.

2. “Lie detector” means a polygraph, voice stress analyzer, psychological stress evaluator or any other similar device, whether mechanical or electrical, that is used, or the results of which are used, for the purpose of rendering a diagnostic opinion regarding the honesty or dishonesty of an individual.

3. “Polygraph” means an instrument that:

     (a) Visually, permanently and simultaneously records cardiovascular activity, respiratory activity and changes in skin resistance; and

     (b) Is used, or the results of which are used, for the purpose of rendering a diagnostic opinion regarding the veracity of any statement made by the person examined.

4. “Polygraphic examination” means a test administered with a polygraph.

(Added to NRS by 1989, 723)

Sheriff & Police Department Polygraph/CVSA Services and Telephone number
Agency Services Phone
Carson City Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-283-7805
Clark County School District Police Department CVSA 702-799-7830
City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety   Polygraph 702-229-4234
Elko County Sherriff's Office CVSA 775-777-2505; 775-777-2523
Elko Police Department CVSA    775-777-7327
Eureka County Sheriff's Office     CVSA 775-237-5330
Lyon County Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-463-6620; 775-463-6600
Mineral County Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-945-2434
Nevada Department of Public Safety Polygraph 775-684-7453
North LV PD (Ntl. Inst. For Truth Verification) CVSA 561-798-6280
Nye County Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-751-7009
Reno Police Department Polygraph 775-789-5485
Sparks Police Department Polygraph 775-353-2297
Storey County Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-847-0959
UNR Police Department CVSA 775-784-4013
University Police Services, Southern Command CVSA 702-895-5575
Washoe County Sheriff's Office CVSA 775-328-3076
White Pine County Sheriff's Department CVSA 775-289-8808
Winnemucca Police Department CVSA 775-623-6396