Online Training for Law Enforcement Agencies

The POST Self Study Training Courses are offered through the State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center. This online training is available to anyone with a login account 24x7, 365 days a year, from any computer with internet access.

  • If you are a State of Nevada employee, access the and follow the Log-in Instructions using your NEATS Username and Password on the upper left corner of the site. (Note: Do not use your “employee I.D. number,” use your “Current User” username).

  • For all other users who are NOT a State of Nevada employee, you will need to create a State of Nevada NVAPPS account to access POST training using the following instructions:

    • Access the  site and scroll down to the middle of the page to the heading "HOW TO LOG IN AND ENROLL IN A COURSE"

    • Go to the section titled: "ALL OTHER USERS"

    • Click on the link titled: "Click here to create an NVAPPS account".  Complete the requested information and click on the register button.

    • If you think you may already have an NVAPPS account, use the link on the page to find out.


The self study training continues to be offered for sworn Nevada peace officers to enhance their careers and to meet the minimum requirements set out in the NAC for Professional Certificates. To receive credit for these courses, upon successful completion of the course, print your certificate. Give the certificate (or copy) to your agency single-point-of-contact so that the course credit can be reported to POST and added into your training record.

*** Although this program is specifically for law enforcement, anyone with
an interest is invited to participate to further their education and skills. ***