K-9 Training

The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) has recognized a need to create a set of uniform guidelines and standards to apply to the various canine team disciplines working within the State of Nevada. An on-going working group, which is divided into four regions and is composed of professionals possessing expertise in this area, has been formed. The goal of this group is to develop best practices and training guidelines for Police Service Dog (PSD) and Search and Rescue Dog (SAR) teams within the state of Nevada. The following documents and links are provided in an effort to present the most current information available on this important subject.


K-9 Documents


Nevada POST K-9 Guidelines

A document outlining a set of standards for all K-9 team disciplines working within the State of Nevada

K-9 Working Group Regions

A document listing the working group regions and the most recent representative members of each region.

Nevada K-9 Agencies

A document listing the 27 agencies that use K-9 resources; three of which are tribal police agencies.

NRS 574.105

Mistreatment of police animal and interference with duties of police animal or handler unlawful; penalties; exception.

POST K-9 Evaluators

A document listing the POST Certified K-9 Evaluators


Court Decisions


Case Decision: US District Court for the District of Utah

US v. MEDINA case No. 2:13-CR-140 TS

Case Decision: US Supreme Court case No. 11-187


Canine - Law Enforcement Use-of-Force Cases

A document containing court cases pertaining to canine teams and use-of-force