SPOC Training

The SPOC Training video and slideshow presentation provides information for agency single point of contacts on the use of Snapshot and Formatta E-forms. Snapshot is a program that allows a “view-only” platform for officers’ records that have already been submitted to POST by an agency. Snapshot can be used as a tool for SPOCs to check the status of their peace officers’ training, employment history, certificates and other information. SPOCs use Formatta E-Forms to submit information to POST to be processed and updated. This would include information about law enforcement personnel, training, compliance requirements, etc. The video and slideshow presentation will cover the process of filling out the Formatta E-Forms for:

  • Adding a New Peace Officer’s Employment
  • Updating a Peace Officer’s Employment Information
  • Completing a Basic Certificate Application
  • Entering Training:
    • Professional Training
    • Annual Compliance Training
  • Applying for Professional Certificates
  • Certifying a Course
  • Changing or Decertifying a Course

For your convenience, please click on the links to view the presentation in either PowerPoint or video format.