Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I become a cop in Nevada?

  • You must graduate from a POST certified academy and meet the eligibility requirements listed under NAC 289.110.
  • If you are employed with an agency, you will be sent to an academy. Once you've graduated, your agency point of contact will complete the process for your certification.
  • If you are not employed with a law enforcement agency, you can attend an academy that provides training to civilians:
  • If you complete a basic academy as a civilian, you must hire on with a law enforcement agency within 2 years of the date on your certificate of completion or it will expire.

When does my Basic Certificate expire?

5 years from the date you left your last agency.  See NAC 289.200(8) for further information


What are my annual training requirements?

In order to maintain their basic certificate, the following items must be completed annually:

1.      12 hrs. of continuing education courses that address:

          a. Racial profiling

          b. Mental health 

          c. The well-being of officers

          d. Implicit bias recognition

          e. De-escalation

          f.  Human trafficking

          g. Firearms

2.     Biannual firearms qualification with each weapon you are authorized to use, if your duties require

3.     Show proficiency in Arrest and Control/Defensive Tactics, if your duties require

4.     Show proficiency with any Less Lethal weapon you are required to carry by your agency

5.     Review Use of Force policy for your agency

For further information, see NAC 289.230 (5)


How do I certify a course with POST?

See Certify a Course with POST

I am a cop in another state. How can I become certified in Nevada?

See Online Reciprocity Training.

What if I have additional questions?

NAC 289/NRS 289 should answer any questions you have. If you did not find the answer to your question and you need further assistance, please click the CONTACT US menu item and email us your detailed question and we will send a reply email back to you as soon as possible.