Dispatcher Basic Training Course

Dispatcher Basic Training

This basic training course is for law enforcement dispatchers only. (NAC 289.335)

Technology is changing the way the modern communications center operates. Changes in technology affect how citizens access and interact with public safety services, as well as impacting how dispatchers provide those services. This course provides easy to understand information and instruction on different technologies that are available and in use, how various systems work, how they impact the communications center, and how dispatchers can utilize them to their fullest.

Who can take POST Dispatcher Training

All Law Enforcement trained dispatchers are welcome to take the POST Dispatcher training Course. Supervisors must fill out the forms, on the POST website, and sign off on all required criteria before a certificate will be issued.

Registering for the Course & How Long the Student has to Complete the Course

In order to start the course, the student must be registered in the NV Post Training Portal (see tab above).  Once registered, the agency supervisor must submit the Dispatcher Basic Training Enrollment form to POST.  The supervisor will then be notified, via email, when the course has been opened.  The student will have 180 days to complete this course.

Topic exams

Once a course topic has been completed, they must pass the exam for that topic in order to proceed.  If the exam is failed twice, the agency will need to conduction remedial training.  Once remedial training has been performed, the supervisor will need to submit the Dispatcher Remediation Form to POST in order to have the exam attempts reset.

What if course is not completed within the 180 days alloted?

If a student does not complete the course within the 180 days alloted, the supervisor will need to complete and submit the Request for Re-Enrollment form to POST. Upon approval, the student will be re-enrolled in the course and will start from the beginning.

Final Exam & POST Dispatcher Training Certificate of Completion

At the end of this course is a Final Exam, and upon successful completion of the Final Exam, the student will be issued a POST Dispatcher Training Certificate of Completion.

A supervisor must sign off all requirements (Per NAC 289.335), listed on the Dispatcher Certifcate Application,  before their POST Dispatcher Certificate will be issued.

These requirements are:

  • They are currently employed as a law enforcement dispatcher
  • They are an authorized user of the National Crime Information Center and able to access the system to make inquiries
  • They have successfully passed the online Dispatcher Basic Training course and the certificate of completion is included with this form
  • They have filled out the required child support form prescribed by the Division of Welfare and Supportive services of the Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to NRS 425.520 and have included it with this form
  • They have successfully complete the agency new dispatcher training program
  • They have successfully completed the agencies probationary period

POST Dispatcher Certificate

See the Dispatcher Certificate Application for details on obtaining the POST Dispatcher Certificate once the course is completed. When submitting this form, if you have any questions please call the Standards Division Administrative Assistant Amy Kiger at (775)-687-3312 or  akiger@post.state.nv.us    

Who to Contact

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, remediation, or re-enrollment please contact  the Training Division Administrative Assistant Bre Gatlin at (775) 687-3310 or bgatlin@post.state.nv.us.

Forms & Information 

POST Dispatcher Course Training Objectives 

Dispatch Training Registration Form  

Dispatcher Remediation Form

Dispatcher Request for Re-Enrollment Form