Course Requirements for POST Certification:

  • The course must be above the level of basic training. Courses delivering training for subjects that are included in basic training or maintenance training will not be considered.
  • If a course offers training in legal issues and subjects relating to legal liability, the legal adviser of the agency or other provider of training must approve the course.
  • The subject(s) must be instructed by qualified instructors that are experts in the subject
  • If, within 2 consecutive years, records have not been received by POST that an officer has completed a course, that course may be inactivated
  • Certified courses and all related documents are subject to audit, monitoring, and/or inspection
  • All courses requesting certification must be primarily for, and a benefit to, Nevada peace officers
  • Attendance records and student evaluations must be kept on file by the training provider for a minimum of 3 years from the date the course was taken by a peace officer.

If you are a Nevada Law Enforcement agency, or a Nevada based training provider, go to the Course Certificationform. Be sure to include all items listed under the “Attachment” button. 


If you are an out of state Vendor, you must have your course certified through NCP (National Certification Program Nevada POST can certify your course.


If you are updating/changing a course, please use the “Course Change or Decertification” form.


Applications for course certification with all required documents attached must be submitted 3 weeks (at a minimum) before the course is scheduled to begin. 

Upon review of the course, a rejection notice or certification notice with the POST course certification number will be sent to the requester via email. 


POST has 30 days to process forms.

For any course given, a certificate of completion that includes the POST certified course number, title, hours, and date must be issued to each individual that successfully completes the course. 


For basic training course certification, contact the standards division.


NRS 289.510