CAT I Academy Dates

The following are training dates for Category I peace officers.  The POST Academy is for persons already employed by Nevada law enforcement agencies and application is made through the employing agency.  The Academy Forms are made available only for the convenience of persons already enrolled into a basic training class.  All completed forms for each cadet accepted into the Academy must be submitted to Bre Gatlin,

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CAT I Academy Dates
POST Academy Class 2024-01 Graduation
1:00 PM
originate - 449 West King Street - Carson City
Brewery Arts Center
POST Academy Class 2024-02 (Deadline: 7/1/2024)
07:00 AM
originateKollar Hall - 5587 Wa Pai Shone Ave - Carson City
Cadet Enrollment PacketNevada Vendor Registration Form (Electronic Submission)Nevada Vendor Registration Form (Printable)
POST Academy Class 2024-02 Graduation
01:00 PM
originateBrewery Arts Center - 449 West King Street - Carson City